Wee Monster was featured in Glamour UK magazine!

Blog Features:

    Wee Monsters Off the Street

    We will donate $1 for every item sold to keep kids off the street!

    Wee Monster is the creator of the Monsters Off the Street Foundation. This non-profit organization strives to keep kids off the street by creating after school programs with art classes. We work towards fostering creativity and literacy. The goal is for every student to be able to create art in any shape or form by mixing in their interests with their strengths. If a child's calling is to paint or sculpt, we need to water this seed until it grows into something beautiful.

    Although this aspect is rarely talked about on Wee Monster's social media platforms, it is still an important aspect of the brand. In the future, we are working to evolve and share this idea through Wee Monster's influence. 

    Current Collaboration:

    We've partnered with the Wild At Heart Foundation! For every kid and adult "Wild One" tee we sell between November 2017 and February 2018, we'll donate 25% of our sales to this organization. 

    This org educates, neuters and foster/adopts stray dogs around the world. We've connected to help all the stray pups.

    *If you want to make a donation, below is a direct link. Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to us.


    Past Events:

    We had our very first pop-up shop! Wee Monster was in The Conscious Market Holiday event. 

    We donated 20% of total sales to Create Now. We want to help all children gain access towards art supplies, so they have the opportunity to grow in their own creativity. We love giving back to our community!