About us

The Idea Behind Wee Monster:

When people think of monsters, they tend to think about green furry animals with three eyes. When I think of monsters, I think of my kids. This clothing line is inspired by my wee monsters!

Wee Monster is a kids wear brand with a spunky spin on it. Rather than fuss around with flowers and sparkles or the traditional blues and pinks — The mantra behind Wee Monster is about celebrating the idea: “Kids should be kids.”

I hope to develop more than a clothing brand. I want to create a living, breathing and walking lifestyle. In my collection, I combine simple and edgy designs with high-quality fabrics. Comfortable enough for kids to play tag or go down a slide. Every piece is created with love.

The whole purpose is to combine both classic and basic simple wear with the latest trends and styles. I want parents to be able to choose something for the children just as they would choose for themselves. The goal is for kids enjoy wearing my clothes as much as I enjoy making them.

Currently, Wee Monster is in stores from San Diego, California to the United Kingdom and Toronto, Canada. I pinch myself daily, because this journey has been so surreal. Everything has been such a blur and a blessing. Things are pretty insane on a day-to-day basis, but I love every bit of it!

Monsters Off The Street:

Wee Monster is also the creator of the Monsters Off the Street. Wee Monster donates towards art supplies for children. I hope to support children's passions for art and design. We want to work towards fostering creativity and literacy. The goal is for every student to be able to create art in any shape or form by mixing in their interests with their strengths. If a child's calling is to paint or sculpt, we need to water this seed until it grows into something beautiful. With hopes of keeping kids off the streets, my aim is to create a place for students to explore and grow their talents.

Although this aspect is rarely talked about on Wee Monster's social media platforms, it is still an important aspect of the brand. In the future, I am working to evolve and share this idea through Wee Monster's influence.