About Us

The Wee Monster Team:

Wee Monster™ is a team of two sisters - raised in Los Angeles, California. Jakki, our creative director, has been a designer in the fashion and kids industries for over two decades. Connie, our business director, was an educator for many years, as well as a content editor for e-commerce marketing.

Established in 2016, both sisters wanted to create a space for funky, edgy but high-quality, comfortable kids clothes. Each piece is designed and produced in Los Angeles. (Pre-washed, pre-shrunk. 100% cotton. Our fabric is even knit in LA!) We take pride in creating jobs in our local communities, as well as supporting local vendors. 

We continue to work towards creating a brand that authentically reflects our lifestyle - weekdays in LA and weekends by the beach. Over the years, we've found that Wee Monster became more than a brand - it's a lifestyle we live by each and everyday.

Our Philosophy:

Wee Monster is all about celebrating the idea: “Kids should be kids.” We want Wee Monster to create space where kids don't need to fit into a box or shape. An opportunity we didn't have growing up.

Your monster wants to learn to surf while eating tacos? Wear five sweaters everyday (at the same time) for a week? Sleep on the ceiling? GO FOR IT.

It’s not just the cool kids clothes - it’s the philosophy we’ve built and hope to continue building. We had this crazy idea that clothes can make kids feel CONFIDENT, HAPPY, COOL. Transform them on the daily.

The crazy part is that we found other STRONG, SMART, WILD individuals just like us along the way. Netflix, Lane Crawford, LA Times, MilK Magazine, Razor Scooter, etc. This is the small evidence that we may have done something right.


Wee Monster is in stores internationally from US and Canada to Europe and Asia. You can visit our showrooms in LA, NYC, London and Milan. We pinch ourselves daily, because this journey has been so surreal. Everything has been such a blur and a blessing. Things are pretty insane on a day-to-day basis, but we love every bit of it!

Wee Monster™ is a trademark of Wee Monster, Inc.