Tip: Get all the energy out in the morning before the monsters go crazy in the afternoon. We tried it and our monster admitted, "My battery juice is 2%." YES PLEASE!

*It's also so good for yourself, and it's really been helping us with your emotional and mental health. 

Morning workout:

  • 1 mile nature walk/run with the kids and pets
  • Optional: (when you have the extra 30 minutes alone)
    • 10 minute arms with 3-8 pound weights
      • 15 bicep reps
      • 15 bicep crossbody reps
      • 15 hammer curls
      • 15 tricep kickbacks
      • 15 shoulder presses
      • *repeat on opposite arm
    • Punch it out! Repeat 8 counts of slow, then double time.
    • 15 rows *alternate between quick and slow reps
    • End with planking
  • Yoga flow sequence with the kiddos
  • Mix your workouts:
    • Peloton app
      • Bike ride
      • Arms
      • Cores
      • New favorite: Dance Cardio
    • Shadow boxing
    • Squat and glute workouts with resistance bands 
    • Foam rolling

Midday walk

  • Soak in the warmth of the sun on your skin

Night yoga and meditation:

  • Repeat yoga sequence from above
  • Meditation apps we love: Headspace, Calm and Spotify Playlist

What kind of exercises are you up to?

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