Wee Monster Photographer Spotlight: Shastin Diaz

Wee Monster Photographer Spotlight: Shastin Diaz

I can't tell you how many times someone has commented on how much they love our campaign and social media photos. We literally owe it all to our photographers. 

For our Mother's Day celebration this week, we wanted to highlight our photographers! Up first, Shastin Diaz. (Insta: @shastindiaz) She is the most flexible, badass and creative person you'll ever work with. We show her our latest items, and she runs with it. She plans the location and vision behind it. Thank you for always supporting our crazy and celebrating it all with us!

I asked Shastin some wacky, but also some serious questions. These were her responses:

1. What's your favorite quote about photography?

I have two. 
"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." - Elliott Erwitt
"I don't shoot what it looks like I shoot what it feels like."
2. You're doing it all. Literally. (We are in such awe that you are co-parenting with so much flow.) Advice for newly divorced parents?

I could go on forever about this, haha but I will try to make it short. Co-parenting is not easy. At all. It's very difficult to let go of the reasons why you separated let alone the continued behavior of your ex. But ultimately in my mind and in my heart it's about the kids and their happiness.

Being a divorced family makes one feel guilty enough thinking that you failed your children or even yourself and they now have to grow up with a "Broken" family. But I truly believe that if the parents (or at least one) can suck it up and let go of their own emotions and the past, the kids will be just fine if they see their parents interacting with smiles and pleasant conversation. Which in the end also teaches them how to overcome conflict.

My advice for newly divorced parents would be to seek out an outlet for your sadness and anger. Verbally beating up on your ex won't help anyone, not even you. My outlet is the gym. You can imagine that med ball being anything (or anyone) when you slam it down. haha. 
3. Okay, time for a fun question. What's a favorite fashion trend that you wish everyone would bring back?!

I was never a very fashionable person but I did love a good crop top and bell bottoms. But that is back. lol. I don't know. 

Thank you for being so real and honest, always. I think a lot of people can relate to what you wrote, even if it's in general about the mindset you need when overcoming hardships. We appreciate you!
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Thank you so much for your kind response!! We agree—Shastin is pretty special!


Thank you for sharing Shastain’s story; I felt like I was sitting right there talking with you both! Your love of photography shines through in your work and in your words. Your advice on co-parenting is priceless… thank you.

Lisa Harris

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