Wee Monster Photographer Spotlight: Miss Briana

Wee Monster Photographer Spotlight: Miss Briana

We are so so so excited to be working with Briana as our newest photographer!

We've been friends with Briana (Insta: @retrobelle) since the beginning, and she's been nothing short of supportive and giving in every way. If I were to describe her, she's as passionate it as it gets. A true artist. It'd be insane to see life through her eyes. She breathes and walks creativity. Always seeing the artistic side of everything and a queen of color theory. Thank you for running with us throughout this crazy journey!

 I asked Briana a few questions...

1. What's your favorite part about being a mama?

My favorite part of being a mama is (well, of course) growing older with my two girls. I enjoy every aspect of being a mama from the drama melt downs to the sweetest hugs ever. Kids keep you young and most of the time sane. 

2. You are such a hustler! (And if we haven't said it before, we admire that so much!) Any advice for working moms, who also run a small business?

Biggest advice for working small shop moms is time management!

Get yourself a planner and write EVERYTHING down that you want to complete for the day. Then, check the task off when you complete it.

Believe me, keeps you on track. I know, for myself, I only have so many hours to get stuff done before my little one comes home from school. When she gets home, it’s all about her. 

3. Okay, time for a fun question. What's a favorite fashion trend that you wish everyone would bring back?!

Well, I am 90s grunge kid through and through. So of course, I love the 90s babydoll dresses, band tees, creepers, + docs. Those should always be in fashion!

Briana, thanks so much for always being you in every way. We think it's so rad that you have such a strong sense of self. It's loud. It's real. One look at Briana--and you'll sense her style, which always comes through in her photography. We love it all!
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