Wee Monster has definitely got some news up our sleeves... We've been holdin' onto these secrets for far too long!

Jakki and I are working overtime behind the scenes lately. We're trying to fit these funky puzzle pieces together. Early morning and late night phone calls, networking meetings, and hustlin' the LA streets looking for new sources. And we're lovin' every minute of it. We've finally found our focus, and we're running with it. 

I think for a while, we were so caught up with new, new, new. This whirlwind of opportunities partly clouded us. (Trust me-we aren't complaining!) Everything was just so exciting! It wasn't clear what we wanted out of this all. We have our brand, the philosophy and the clothes. So what do we really want to do with it? Ya know?

So we had many sit downs. Cups of coffee. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound and smell like? And with that, we really want to create a brand (not just domestically, but also internationally) that creates a movement. A movement, and a voice, for kids. We want Wee Monsters to look and feel like a monster! Whatever that means to him or her. Be who you are, because there is no right or wrong to what the looks like. You don't have to fit into a box or a shape.


Now onto the juicy stuff... You might've seen our sneaky post about "Europe. Summer 2019." I guess you can figure out what we've been up to, but let's make it official:

We're going to Paris, baby!

We're going to Playtime Paris (June 29-July 1, 2019) for the very first time with our brand new showroom, Maddox Play. The wonderful Karen and Mariela, will be reppin' our brand throughout Europe. Located in Barcelona, these ladies have some very cool kids brands in their showroom. We're so excited to be apart of this new family! It's crazy to find your counterparts halfway across the world, but from the very first phone call, it was magic. There were so many good vibes, and we feel so lucky.

We also are very honored to be apart of the New Now section. (!!) This area highlights only twelve brands out of 580 brands! Right next to the entrance with separate displays.

... but the crazy part is that there's more!

We're also going to Tokyo!

Wee Monster will be attending Fashion World Tokyo from October 2-4, 2019. More details to come, as it gets closer!

If you're in Europe or Asia, we'd love to hear from you! Any feedback or showroom meetings are welcomed! Please email info@weemonster.net.

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