Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Wee Monster is digging deep into our Los Angeles roots for this kids wear collection. We aren't talking about the Hollywood Stars or Santa Monica Pier. We're talkin' about Highland Park, those backyard skateparks. The sleepy summers spent at our local park with our best friends.



If we're lucky, there's even an ice cream or chamango truck around the corner. We broke all the rules. Maybe we hung out way too late, but those were the good ol' times. 


Our goal for this season is to create an experience. When the kids wear the clothes, we want them to really feel like a Wee Monster. (And all the 'tude that comes with that.) Jumping, flying, skating through the impossible. We want them to vibe off what it means to really be a kid.


If you can't tell, we really love our city...

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