Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Packaging & Kids Clothes

Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Packaging & Kids Clothes

We're making the switch! (This is not a commercial.)

It's a been a long time comin' and we seriously should've done it earlier. But honestly, packaging was always in the back burner, because everything else was in chaos. Now that we have a better system, we can really sit down and make the meaningful, personal changes.

Wee Monster is really steppin' up its game in celebration of Earth Day. We have found new packaging that is guilt-free. Bio-degradable. Compostable. Recyclable. And all the good stuff in between. Just working on the branding before launching this yummy goodness. Keep you updated!


In terms of fabric, we are makin' strides in looking for the best natural fibers. Whether it be organic cotton or hemp, we're tryin' real hard to convert all our styles into a natural, sustainable piece. Most of our items are currently 100% cotton already, but we want this to be a reality of all our items.

eco friendly organic sustainable cotton

(Photo of our 100% cotton rolls before dye)

The benefits of natural, NOT SYNTHETIC items are:

  • Organic cotton/hemp is known to prevent skin allergies. We've heard so many moms, who have children that react to unnatural, synthetic, polyester clothing. We want to do everything in our power to prevent this.
  • Natural, eco-friendly clothing pieces last longer. They have a natural stretch and endure through each wash much better.
  • Earth-friendly products will decompose back into the soil; however, synthetic materials will not. I think of poly (or other unnatural fabric) as the "plastic of fabric world."

Some of our natural fiber, 100% cotton items:

 How will you be celebrating Earth Day?

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